Once, there was a time when people understood the art of cocktails.

A cocktail was not just a drink - it was a mood, a place, an aesthetic statement. It was a declaration of character to walk into a bar and order a Manhattan up, extra bitters.
That time lives on at Cleveland's Velvet Tango Room.
Please know, that we at the Velvet Tango Room eschew the mass produced, the trendy, and the slack.

We are torchbearers of tradition.

We pledge to you, our patrons, that every cocktail you order will be made from scratch, measured to the gram, using our proprietary recipes for sodas, syrups and bitters.

These drinks are created with deliberation, care and craft before being presented to you, a rare and delicious link in the living history of American cocktail art.

You deserve nothing less.
Monday - Friday
4:30 - 1:00
2095 Columbus Rd
Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 241-8869
Saturday 6:00-1:00